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As Skies Divide is a fresh metal band, hailing from the musical metropolis Stockholm, Sweden. The three piece progressive metal band has been compared to Tesseract, Uneven Structure, Sikth and with influences ranging from the above together with Meshuggah, Cult Of Luna to Gojira and The Dear Hunter, the band tries to create a unique sound for themselves. This has given the band a progressive sound which goes from groovy and atmospheric beats to heavy and brutal metal riffs.

The band's debut EP “Throne Of Sanity”, which will be released by record label Violent Groove Music Group (Deathember, God Mother), is a concept EP that tackles the hard topics of being left out, isolation and losing your mind. Is someone possessing you or are all the actions you do your own? The protagonist decides to go forward and fight these feelings but things don’t end the way they should have. What is real and what is not? It is for you to decide.

The protagonist fights his own thoughts, or the so called “false gods” and goes postal. He stands victorious, but he feels no joy, he regrets everything. Left alone with all his deeds on his mind he is wandering the plains and further floating between time and space, not knowing what is real or not.

The band has been through numerous line-ups and music style changes before ending up where they are right now. Victor Goch (Vocals) and Peter Dömdstedt (Bass) has been together for the entire journey, and with Marko Holmberg joining the band (Guitars), it has marked a new era for As Skies Divide. The primary focus of the band is to create music they enjoy, while also staying unique. With the release of “Throne Of Sanity”, the band hopes to mark their position on the metal map and join other great acts around the globe.
The band is currently looking for a drummer and one more guitarist to finish the lineup.”



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